Marina’s Substantial Improvements Following Regenerative Treatment

ALS patient Marina

Marina Melnik

56 years old 


"My arm, when I came here it was in really bad condition, my Physiotherapist, I think she performed a miracle. She brought my arm back, I can hold a spoon and put my shirt on. It feels really good."

ALS patient Marina, felt the full brunt of her condition. She was depressed and did not have much positivity. After deciding to make a change in her life, she travelled to Bangkok for treatment.  Before the end of her treatment, she had already regained use of her arms and had much more energy.

Marina’s Story

Marina, an ALS patient from the United States was already weakening due to her condition. Because of this, she sought possible treatment options and at one point had already tentatively decided on going to a treatment facility in Germany. However, after discovering Regenerative Treatment with Unique Access Medical on Youtube, she was impressed by the testimonials of patients who had undergone treatment there. She was also interested in the comprehensive therapeutic regimen that the company provided.

As a result, she decided to proceed with treatment with Unique Access Medical in Bangkok.

​​​​Marina’s Treatment Experience

Marina underwent Regenerative Treatment along with a series of Rehabilitation Therapies that included Physiotherapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Vitamin IVs, Detoxification Treatments and Occupational Therapy.

​What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a form of treatment that has the goal of allowing individuals the opportunity to achieve or regain a measure of independence. This is done through engaging the body and mind by doing exercises that mimic daily activities. The purpose of which is to empower patients to independently go about their day-to-day activities.

After an assessment of a patient’s condition and physical capacity, occupational therapists will apply a number of techniques which target specific muscles. Activities implemented can include throwing and catching a ball, mental development exercises, making handicrafts, speech exercises, and swallowing enhancement exercises.

ALS patient during an Occupational Therapy session

Marina during one of her Occupational Therapy sessions

Improvements Noticed Following Treatment

Marina has experienced a definite improvement in her condition after undergoing Regenerative Treatment. She had regained strength and dexterity in her arm, which had nearly lost all function prior to treatment.

“I feel I have much more energy. And my arm, when I came here, it was in very bad condition. Now my arm is not swollen and it’s alive.
I can hold a spoon, I can put my shirt on, it feels really good.”

ALS Incidence

ALS incidence infographic

Facts and figures related to ALS incidence

Fighting Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Marina’s ALS Treatment has proven to be effective at reducing the progression of her condition. The combination of Cellular Therapy as well as numerous supporting treatments and therapies have allowed her to regain effective use of her arm. She also has achieved higher levels of energy as well as a better overall disposition.

Marina’s story proves that with the right treatment, determination, and mindset, one can fight Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

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