Connie’s Improvements Following Regenerative Treatment for ALS

ALS patient Connie

Connie Roberts

64 years old 


"Excellent facilities and everything was done very well"

64-year-old ALS Patient, Connie from USA underwent Regenerative Treatment with Unique Access Medical and showed observable signs of improvement with standing, swallowing and with the movements in her hands. She was overwhelmed by the treatment and the care provided by the staff during her treatment in Bangkok.

Connie's Story

Connie Roberts, a 64-year-old patient from the United States, was diagnosed with ALS. After continuously searching for the treatment most suitable for her, she discovered Unique Access Medical and was impressed with its comprehensive treatment plan. Prior to this, she had already undergone a few physiotherapy sessions.

Connie’s Regenerative Treatment Experience

As a part of her treatment plan, Connie received Regenerative Treatment along with a series of Rehabilitation sessions that included Occupational Therapy, Acupuncture, rTMS, Physiotherapy and Aquatic Therapy.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy (or OT), promotes the therapeutic engagement of using motion or body movements to perform daily activities.  It is the art and science of fostering health, independence, and wellbeing so that all people can participate in daily occupations of life to their fullest potential. Activities that Occupational Therapists conduct depend on individualised evaluation of each patient’s needs in specific areas of the body, some of which include muscle engaging exercises like ball throwing, handicraft making, speech and swallowing enhancement exercises, and even mental development activities. Therapeutic techniques require mutual perseverance from both sides i.e. the patient and the therapist.

ALS patient in an occupational therapy session

Connie during one of her Occupational Therapy sessions

Connie's Improvements Following Treatment

Connie saw several positive improvements after undergoing Regenerative Treatment. Not only is she able to stand up by herself more easily, Connie can also swallow her food better compared to prior treatment. She also enjoys more dexterity in her hands. 

“Feels great. It’s all worth it.” 

ALS Incidence

ALS incidence infographic

Facts and figures related to ALS incidence

A Chance for Improvement

Treating ALS with Cellular Therapy has been proven to reduce the progression of the disease, enabling patients to enjoy an improved quality of life.

Connie’s testimonial is an inspiration to all ALS patients giving them hope to never give up, and that with determination and access to the right treatment, there is a chance for patients to see improvements. 

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