ALS Patient Receives Effective Regenerative Treatment Twice within 6 Months

ALS patient Berniel

Berniel Hartley

70 years old 


"It’s the best thing out there."

- Berniel's Daughter

Berniel was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis back home in the USA, but her search for an effective treatment in her native country proved to be futile. After more research, she discovered the potential of Regenerative Treatment and decided to travel to Bangkok after speaking with representatives at Unique Access Medical. Her initial treatment in Thailand yielded great results, so much so, that she decided to return six months later for further treatment.

Berniel's Story

Following her ALS diagnosis, Berniel reached out and consulted with several medical professionals back in the United States, in an effort to find a potential treatment for her condition. However, her search proved to be futile, with doctors back home failing to provide her with any promising options. Refusing to give up, Berniel decided to seek alternative medical guidance and discovered the potential of Regenerative Treatment offered via Unique Access Medical in Thailand. 

Optimistic and hopeful for the future, Berniel travelled to Bangkok with her daughter to undergo cellular therapy together with an several supportive therapies. Berniel and her daughter were so satisfied with the positive improvements they witnessed following the first round of treatment, that they decided to return to Bangkok to receive further treatment six months later.

"There is no other option as good as this in the US."
- Berniel's Daughter

Berniel's Treatment Experience 

During both of Berniel’s visits to Bangkok, she received Regenerative Treatment, involving Cellular Therapy via both Lumbar Puncture and IV. Furthermore, as a method to optimise the efficacy of this kind of treatment, Berniel also took part in an extensive, customised rehabilitation programme, which consisted of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and other supporting therapies, all of which had the aim of boosting her overall well-being and helping her to regain independence. 

What is Regenerative Treatment?

Regenerative Treatment is centred around Cellular Therapy, which is aimed to boost the survival of the neuron and prevent gliosis in the areas affected by the death of motor neurons. Cellular Therapy helps develop the certain cells which are the basic building blocks of human body and hold the ability to regenerate into any specialised type of cell. The replication and regeneration of them will promote cell growth, cell repair, as well as speed up the recovery process.

ALS patient Berniel during one of her rTMS sessions

Berniel relaxing during her rTMS session

Berniel’s Improvements Following Following Regenerative Treatment

Berniel showed several positive improvements following both of her visits to Bangkok for treatment. During her first visit, her improvements included higher energy levels, smoother speech, improved breathing and an improved ability to swallow. Prior to the treatment, Berniel would constantly cough whilst talking, whereas after treatment, she was able to communicate more smoothly and for longer.

"She has more energy. She doesn’t look as haggard or as tired. It’s starting to feel a lot like my old mom."
- Berniel's Daughter

After Berniel underwent her second round of Regenerative Treatment, she confirmed that the therapy had helped her to maintain her overall muscle strength and found breathing, speaking and swallowing much easier. 

"She used to slur her words more,  and though her voice is quiet, her pronunciation and enunciation have both improved."
- Berniel's Daughter

ALS Incidence

ALS incidence infographic

Facts and figures related to ALS incidence

Slowing Down the Progression of ALS

RegenerativeTreatment has in many cases proven to slow down the progression of ALS and enabled patients suffering from this disease to live more normal and independent lives. As seen in the case of Berniel’s, this type of treatment has provided hope and motivation during a very difficult situation.

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