Kelvin Fights ALS with Regenerative Treatment and sees Great Results

ALS patient Kelvin

Kelvin Reid

55 years old 


"My speech, swallowing and right arm have all seen a lot of improvement. I post a lot on Facebook Live and people are noticing how I’ve improved."

Kelvin, a 35-year-old ALS patient from the United States was actively seeking treatment options. After a substantial amount of research, he decided to undergo Regenerative Treatment with Unique Access Medical in Bangkok. Following the treatment, Kelvin experienced definite improvements with his speech, right arm strength and control.

Kelvin's Story

55 year old ALS patient, Kelvin found out about Unique Access Medical online. After a lot of research, he felt that this was his best option. He then went to Bangkok for the treatment and has since seen clear improvements.

Kelvin's ALS Treatment Experience

Kelvin received a variety of treatments that helped him overcome a number of challenges due to ALS. Along with Regenerative Treatment, he received Aqua-therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy sessions.

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech Therapy is a treatment method that aims to provide care and support for adults and children who have difficulty in communicating orally. This form of treatment is commonly provided for individuals with speech impediments brought about by injury or neurodegenerative diseases.  This form of treatment makes use of exercises to practice coordination in the mouth to effectively form words and sentences as well as to practice fluency.

Occupational Therapy session with ALS patient

Kelvin during one of his Occupational Therapy sessions

Improvements Following Kelvin's Treatment

Kelvin experienced noticeable improvements since he started his ALS treatment in Bangkok. His speaking ability has improved greatly as well as his ability to control his swallowing. He also felt an improvement in terms of the strength and movement of his right arm.  

“Before coming here, you could barely understand me. Now my speech is much clearer.”

ALS Symptoms

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis symptoms infographic

Symptoms associated with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Treating ALS with Cellular Therapy

Treating ALS with Cellular Therapy has repeatedly shown a slow-down in the progression of the disease. When coupled with a variety of Supportive Treatments and Therapies, patients like Kelvin have made stark improvements with regard to their strength, limb and muscle control as well as speaking and swallowing ability.

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