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Kelvin Fights ALS with Regenerative Treatment and sees Great Results

Kelvin Reid 55 years old USA "My speech, swallowing and right arm have all seen a lot of improvement. I post a lot on Facebook Live and people are noticing how I’ve improved."Kelvin,

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Pfizer Announces Plans to Eliminate Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Research

Pfizer has announced its plan to end research into Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. As a result, the company expects to eliminate 300 positions in the neuroscience discovery and early development

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American ALS Patient’s Significant Improvements Following Regenerative Treatment

Vicki Faulk 55 years old USA ​"Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I would tell you to do it. We recommend it, for sure, we would do it again."Vicki, from America, made a decision to undergo

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Donna’s Great Progress Following Cellular Therapy

Donna Wood 48 years old USA "There is an improvement in her breathing- especially in her overall endurance." - Julie, Donna's friend48 year-old Donna from the USA traveled to Bangkok

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From Brazil to Thailand: Aurelio’s Inspirational Treatment Journey

Aurelio Moraes 59 years old Brazil "It doesn’t matter which stage you are, if you have the opportunity, come here fast."Aurelio from Brazil traveled all the way to Bangkok, Thailand

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Connie’s Improvements Following Regenerative Treatment for ALS

Connie Roberts 64 years old USA "Excellent facilities and everything was done very well"64-year-old ALS Patient, Connie from USA underwent Regenerative Treatment with Unique Access Medical

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